Face recognition

Face Recognition Android App

Add images or videos to database, or recognize people using your Android device.

How to install:

  1. Open this page on your Android device and download the app
    OR - Download the app from below and transfer it to your device;
  2. Enable Unknown Sources from device Settings (under Security) to allow installation;

For hosted servers: make a server.txt file on your device's storage under an app-specific folder (usually Android/data/rs.math.fr2016/files). Run the app once first to create the folder.
The configuration file, if needed, should look like this:

					ip < OR host-name>
					port 80
					[root /fr/server/]

'root' is optional. Specify the path to server/ folder under the app root if it's not in the default location (http://host-name/fr). Do not include the host name.

How to use:

  1. Choose the "Train" or "Recognize" option on the top;
  2. After choosing the "Train" option, enter the person name before continuing;
  3. Choose a file from your device (opens Gallery) or take a photo / video (opens Camera).
    Photos and videos taken from the app are saved to "FR Captures" folder on device.
  4. Sending videos will take some time. The app will show progress as it sends video frames.
    After enough recognized faces, the result will be shown. You can stop training earlier, if at least one face is recognized. Usually the server does not need too many pictures of a same person's face for successful future recognitions.
  5. Use the "Learn faces" button to make the server learn the updated face model. It's recommended to only use this when you are finished with adding photos (even after multiple persons are added) and leave auto-learn option turned off. As the server needs to learn the whole database at once, don't use this option too often.
  6. Click the logo for about box.


1. Training page 2. Photo recognized 3. Video recognition 4. Training from video 5. About

Debug version (for testing)